Mountain Gazelle

Israel is the last stronghold of the endangered mountain gazelle and is home to roughly 5000 individuals. The mountain gazelle (Gazella gazella) was once widespread throughout Middle Eastern countries including Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. However, habitat lost/fragmentation/isolation and, hunting, road accidents, predation by feral dogs and natural predators – led to the complete extinction of gazelles in those areas. In order to successfully coexist with wild animals, humans must minimalize the impact when developing roads, farmlands, towns, and cities. Wildlife corridors preservation is the ultimate solution when combating the negative effects of habitat fragmentation. Wildlife corridors connect fragmented and isolated populations and, prevents reduced genetic diversity which occur within isolated populations.

The mountain gazelle valley, Hevel Modi’in, Israel

Local to my residence in the Central District of Israel, lives the largest concentration of mountain gazelles in the land, the authorities estimate that 70-100 individuals stretch through the area. The territory of this population is part of the wildlife corridor which sadly in these days is facing threats, such as: road construction and future expansion of human settlements.