Striped Hyena

The Striped Hyena, is mainly found in Central Asia, North Africa, East Africa, Middle East, and India. Striped Hyenas are nocturnal animals. They can hunt when it’s totally dark with no problem. Hyenas are scavengers, they rarely hunt live animals. The Striped Hyena global population is estimated to be under 10,000 mature individuals, which means it’s near-threatened. The reason the Striped Hyena is near-threatened is because hunting, poisoning, habitat lost, and getting run over.

The story of Ruthy – The Striped Hyena

Meet Ruthy, a well known female Striped Hyena living in the Central District of Israel. At nights, she enters the city to forage for scraps in rubbish bins. Not everyone in the city is keen about her night habits, therefore, she was captured twice by authorities and relocated. She made her way back in both attempts. 

Surprisingly, the Israeli court got involved and ruled that the Hyena must be relocated to the desert far down south. Transferring Ruthy is the wrong way to deal with this complicated situation, the solution should be to ensure there are no attractions in the city which encourage wild animals to enter it in the first place. 

(UPDATE 27/10/19): Ruthy is a mother of 3 cubs, living peacefully in the outskirts of the city; continuing her night habits)